Brush cutters

Brush cutters

NEWTOP brushcutters meet your basic requirement for small home yard clearning to the heavy bushes clearning. They are ranged in different powers and functions from our designing to manufacturing. The bent tube is designed for home yard use. The straght tube with 28mm thickness and power more than 43cc are designed for semi-professional use. The backpack brush cutter is especially designed for the hilly aera working. Its more stable when you go up and down to work in that tough environment.
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Displacement : 35.8cc

Rated Power : 0.9kW / 1.2 hp

Dry Weight : 8.0kg

Professional Gasoline 4-Stroke Backpack Brush cutter GX35 Tree Cutter


Displacement : 51.7cc

Rated Power : 1.6kW / 2.1 hp

Dry Weight : 9.0kg

2stroke gasoline engine Japanese grass trimmer 52cc brush cutter


Displacement : 51.7cc

Rated Power : 1.5kW / 2.0 hp

Dry Weight : 9kg

52cc gasoline backpack wheat cutter paddy rice harvester rice cuttting harvesters


Displacement : 51.7cc

Rated Power : 1.5kw / 2.0 hp

Dry Weight : 13.7kg

Professional hand push 52cc brush cutter 520  with wheels


Displacement : 25.4cc

Rated Power : 0.65kw / 0.9 hp

Dry Weight : 6.0kg

Gasoline Long Pole Chain Saw 26cc cg260 Portable Pole Saw


Displacement : 25.4cc

Rated Power : 0.85kW

Dry Weight : 5.8kg

Garden Tools 26cc Long Handle Chain Saw Long Reach Gasoline Pole Saw Pruner

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