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The way to Diagnose and Treat a Lawn Mower that will not Start


despite the fact that you simply are taking rightcare of your mower by winterizing it and giving it regular tune-ups, it iseventually going to damage down one day in time. it issimplythe best way of machinery: it wears out and wears down, then it needs fixing.

Hopefully you're convenientwith a socket and wrench, because most professionalblems are fairly undeniableand straightforwardon a mower.

Note: remember that each mower isn't precisely the similar. the brand lawn mowers are going to have features thon the older mowers do not have, this type ofs a push button commenceas opposed to the old pull string. The mowers I've worked on diversityfrom the nineteen80s through 2010, they usually've all been basically the similar. this can be a variety of years, but you'll be able to't beat an even model, so mowers have sometimesremained the similar.

Diagnosis of a No-commenceMower

When my mower is at the fritz, i'm facing a professionalcess of checking each importantengine part. the next are suggested components to test for if you have a no-commencesituation. here's a temporary description for eachcomponent check:

First check that there's indeed fuel within the gas tank. Is the fuel old?

If there's fuel, remove the air filter and pump the primer bulb a few times to make surefuel is squirting into the automobileburetor.

Give the beginninger a push or a pull (depending for your mowers starting system) a few times. See if the fuel you justsquirted with the primer bulb did anything for it.

Still no start? Pull the spark plug. How does it look? Is the finishfresh, with greatright angles to the end? If the finishis rounded or broken, replace the spark plug. If it has grime or building up on it, you'll be able to attempt cleaning it with sandpaper. If the finishis pressed down onto the electrode, there is a major engine problem that needs rebuilding.

Now snap the spark plug into the spark plug wire, but don't insert it into the engine. Set it close tothe engine, but don't let the highest electrode touch the engine. Give the beginninger a push or a pull again. Did you spot an electricarch go from the spark plug to the engine? If not, check outagain and watch the spark plug closely. it may be trickyto peer within the sunlight. If there's definitely no spark, check the wires from the spark plug to the coil. should you've replaced/cleaned the spark plug, check the spark plug cordfrom the plug to the coil and check the following item.

that is where that sneaky problem is available in: the security Switch Setup. This deserves extraexplanation below.