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The way to fix a sequencesaw in order not to chop


  should your saw isn't cutting properly unless it's forced, or is cutting woodeninto fine saw dust, the chain is probably going dull and short of sharpening or replacement. a lifeless chain may cause unnecessary wear to the engine, clutch and numerous other components within the chainsaw as a result of the saw having to work flat outer to compromise for the dullness of the chain. a lifeless chainsaw blade need to be sharpened one tooth at a time with a file. be sure to file away any gouges or chips in any of the blade teeth.

  The chain must almethodsbe kept sharp and perfectly need to be sharpened regularly. Once teeth become worn down, or if there's any damage to the chain, it need to get replaced altogether. one more reasat the chain would possibly not cut is that if the blade is installed backwards, meaning thon the pointy teeth at the chain don't seem to be facing within the most efficientdirection and can be uncapable of chip away on the woodenyou are looking to chop. Chainsaw blades rotate in a clocksensibledirection, so teeth directly top of the bar need to be facing out, to the most efficient(clear of the engine). Smoking or burning woodenand over the topchain rattle and not using any cutting are all strong symptomsthon the chain is mounted backwards. if so, discontinue use of the chainsaw immediately until the chain is reinstalled the right sortway.