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First Things First. 10 Things You Have To Perceive Before Employing Your Brushcutter


1. Read your manual: As with all the machinery we sell, we strongly recommend that you read your manual cover to cover and use it as a reference all the way through the working life of your machine. It is full of useful information and can save you 'phone calls and stress. 

2. Oil and Fuel: A  petrol brushcutter needs filling with oil and fuel and, as it is more than likely to be a two-stroke machine, you'll have to mix the oil and the petrol with care to the right ratio. This link will give you the information you need on the oil and fuel and 2-stoke engines in general Basics of the 2-Stroke Engine

3. Correct Stance & Handling: Before you switch the brushcutter on, make sure you practise actually handling the brushcutter, using the handles whether they be bike style or handle and loop style. This will help avoid potential strain or injury. Give your self plenty of room and make sure you have checked your standing position so the weight is distributed evenly. You manual should give you information on this.

4. Controls: Make sure you know and understand all the controls of your brushcutter. Brushcutters vary widely in design and layout so check your manual very carefully for these details.

5. Safety Clothing & Equipment: We always recommend that you wear safety goggles, at the very least, to avoid contact with flying twigs and leaves. In addition, solid, preferably steel-capped, boots would be good. Clothing should not be loose and a helmet could be useful. 

6. Safety Precautions:  Make sure you are wearing no loose jewellery and that your hair, if long, is securely tied up before your first use. 

7. Screws, Nuts & Bolts: Since your machine is new, these are probably going to be secure and tight but it is always worth checking and you should get used to doing this before every use.

8. Line Feed: Your line may feed out automatically as it wears or it may be a 'tap-n-go' 'bump-n'go' type where you tap the head to fee out more line. Whichever it is, make sure you know how to use it before you start to save time and effort. Consult your manual if in doubt. 

9. Harness: Your brushcutter may have come with a safety harness. If so, do make sure you know how to fit and use it before you start using your machine. Using it correctly will ease stain and offer you support, letting you work for longer but incorrect use could be potentially painful and harmful.

10. Starting: It is always worth checking and becoming familiar with your starting process (be it a recoil or an electric start) before you get out into the field and begin lopping down grass blades. This will save time and effort in the long run.