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Employinga Sequencesaw Safely and Efficiently


When employinga sequencesaw, please avoid mistakes and that injuries with a chumly and respectful attitude.

My wife's grandfather is 100 years old q4, and has spent maximumof his life working within the woods. If it was not for earning money by chopping ties and bolts by hand that in winter, it will be cutting and chopping woodento feed his woodenstove. He told me stories about felling trees with a cross-cut saw and crushing logs into pieces employinga circular saw attachedto a tractor operated by five people. During those days, he didn't feel nostalgic, but appreciated the efficiency of complextechnology with lighter and more toughchainsaws.

These conversations helped me know the way straightforwardour lives at the moment are, and made my respect for chainsaws stronger than ever. for lots of people, that is the one tool we're taught to chop and process trees. Without personally experiencing the U.S.e of cross-cutting saws, we have a tendency to take our chainsaw without any consideration, which may cause errors, frustrate you, and can also cause series injuries and even death. However, we will be able to circumvent these mistakes by being sortand respectful to our chainsaws.

Starting with the chain, it's smartto remainthe saw in optimal working condition. i've worked with individuals who (will remain anonymous) who believe that you simply have to "work flat out" to make the chainsaw work properly. For them, "working" means leaning at the saw and the pole, or moving the saw from side to side in a sawing method to make it cut faster. this can be a snappy method to wear the saw parts, it isn't necessary if the chain is sharpened correctly. if truth be told, when my chain is sweet and sharp, the saw I support is justenough to permit the load of the saw to pass during the wood. Now, a fewpeople recommendrunning a file at the chain for eachtank stuffed withgasoline or two gasoline, but that is dependent upon what you wish to need to chop and whether you wish to need to circumvent objects that make the chain dull quick