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Chainsaw Buyer's Guide


Choosing the right chain saw for the job you need can be a test task, but it is an important decision. So far, gasoline chain saws are the most popular, and for good reason. At McCulloch (McCulloch), we provide a powerful function, and gasoline products provide this function. With no dangerous connections or wires, McCulloch chainsaws are easy to use and very durable. The biggest advantage is that it is cordless, as long as you have a fuel tank full of fuel, you can make the most of this garden.


Gasoline, electric or battery chainsaw?

Each type of chain saw has its own advantages and disadvantages. Electric and battery chainsaws are much quieter than gasoline chainsaws-when the trigger is pressed, power is immediately transmitted and turns the chain, thus speeding up the work of bending and cutting wood.

The main disadvantage of buying an electric chain saw is that you tend to be tied to the power source, and this is often caused by adding an extension cable, which actually limits its use. On the positive side, they are cheaper and easier to maintain.

One disadvantage of using chainsaws outdoors is that not all chainsaws are waterproof, which limits when and where you use them. Unlike the gasoline saw, if the battery runs out, you can't just put the fuel tank back in and start working again. Unless you turn off the tool for a few hours, you will need another fully charged battery.

In contrast, gasoline chain saws tend to be more powerful and do not leave any rope behind them. It is best to use a gasoline saw when cutting down trees and dealing with more difficult tasks.

What are you cutting?

For general garden maintenance, pruning branches or even a little carpentry – electric chainsaws will do a good job because they have enough power to slide through simple tasks. Any other task, such as cutting firewood or cutting down annoying trees-a gasoline chain saw is the best choice for additional power, and the increased freedom of cablelessness is the best choice.

Strip length

For starters, we recommend that you use steel bars under 18 inches, but you may only need 12 inches of steel bars, depending on what the ultimate goal is and the task at hand. Generally, experienced chain saw users are suitable to use rods of approximately 20 inches and above.

The diagram below should help determine the required length of rebar.

Chainsaw task guide bar length

Trim no more than 16 inches

Trim 12 inches or less

Tilt 12 inches to 14 inches

Fell a small tree 12 inches to 14 inches

Fell 16" to 18" medium-sized trees

Light wood cut 14 inches to 16 inches

Medium-sized firewood, can cut 16 inches to 18 inches

Bend 18 inches or more

Power and chain speed

A chainsaw that does not have enough power to complete the work at hand can easily make you tired, so it creates opportunities for accidents. Similarly, if the power of the chainsaw is too large, it will also be very tired. For those hard garden work around the garden, a 40cc chainsaw will be the ideal choice, and for those jobs that require less effort, a 34cc chainsaw will make the work easy.

One of the biggest determinants of chainsaw performance is its chain speed. The faster the chain speed, the faster the cutting speed. Always make sure that the protective chain saw suit you wear provides protection when the chain speed is the same or higher.


Features to pay attention to when buying a chainsaw

When choosing a chainsaw, you should pay attention to multiple functions to ensure that you choose the most suitable chainsaw.

Chain brake system; by law, all chain saws must have a chain brake. Improve safety by automatically cutting off the power when the brake is stepped on. This happens automatically when the user encounters a recoil and moves his right hand forward towards the chainsaw chain.

Anti-vibration system; an effective anti-vibration system can reduce the vibration of the chainsaw during use. It allows you to work more efficiently and accurately for longer periods of time, and reduces operator fatigue.

Soft grip; makes you comfortable to use and provides control.

Chain tensioner without tools; very suitable for novice chain saw users. You can quickly assemble and tighten the saw blade and chain without any professional tools. This is especially useful if you are a landowner and do not want to move tools from one place to another.