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NO. : 8192
Rated Power
1.5kW / 2.0 hp
Dry Weight
This petrol brush cutter from NEWTOP enjoys a heavy-duty 52cc two-stroke engine, delivering 3.0 horsepower of torque. It is ideal for domestic customers with larger gardens or professional landscapers. The trimmer comes with two different attachments for multi-functionality. The spool attachment is perfect for tidying lawn edges, pruning hedgerows and ridding the garden of any unsightly weeds.

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The NTB520B trimming machine keeps your lawn tidy. It has comfort touch with very minimal handlevibrations that reduces user fatigue. The easy starting system allows you to get to work quickly. Use the  brush cutter for trimming, mowing and sweeping to keep your outdoor as clean as it can be. 



 1. Commercial grade engine provides excellent performance and durability

 2. Solid steel drive shaft provides smooth and efficient power transfer from the engine to the cutting head

 3. Anti-Vibration System provides maximum comfort to get more done with less fatigue

 4. Pure Fire low emission two-stroke engine technology

 5. Lightweight & well-balanced for ease of use and maneuverability

   Model NO.  NTB520B
   Power type   Single Cylinder, Two-stroke, Air-cooling
   Matchengine   1E44F
   Cylinder displacement (cc)   51.7cc
   Power output (kW/hp/rpm)   1.5kW/2.0hp/6500rpm
   Max engine speed with cutting attachment (r/min)   9000r/min
   Carburetor type   Rotary valve
   Nylon cutting (ømm)   2.5mm
   Diameter of AI. pipe   26mm
   Fuel capacity   900ml (31.68 oz.)
   Fuel mixture ratio   25:1(Gasoline 25 : Two-cycle Oil 1)
   Ignition system   Digital
   Dry weight (excl. cutting equipment)   9kg (20 lbs.)
   Gross weight   10kg (22 lbs.)

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