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NO. : 8586
This flexible gardening tool combines a brush cutter, pole pruner, grass trimmer and hedge trimmer into one convenient and affordable package. Based on a reliable air-cooled, 2 stroke engine this landscaping multi-tool is both efficient and packed with enough power to make even the most demanding of projects a breeze.

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 Product name Multifunction machine 4 in 1
 Model name NTMU430B4IN1
 Tools include Hedge trimmer/Pole saw/Brush cutter/Grass trimmer
 EngineUse: Full-time/Partial/Ocassional

Engine displacement (cc) 43cc

Engine type 2 Stroke/Single Cyliner/Gasoline

Ignition CDI

Starting mode Recoil

Max power (kW/rpm) 1.3kW/7000rpm

Clutch speed (rpm) 4500rpm

SpecificationsSpecificationsReducer typeReduction ratioNet Weight (kg)Tube Φ(mm)
Hedge TrimmerCutting blade length(mm)400-500mmBevel&Spur gear7:431.6kg26mm
Cutting balde pitch(mm)25mm
Pole SawGuide bar length(inch)10"/12"Bevel gear1:11kg26mm
Chain pitch (inch)3/8
Brush Cutter3 teeth Φ (mm)255mmBevel gear17:190.25kg26mm
Grass TrimmerCutting Φ (mm)430mmBevel gear17:190.36kg26mm

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