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NO. : 8694
3.8kW / 5.1hp
Motor Type
The NEWTOP NTWP20-A is a simple, compact and portable pump for a array of applications. Especially for agricultural, rental,construction site, and home use. This powerful and compact water pump is the ideal solution for farms and building sites as well as emptying flooded cellars or patio areas. Quite simply the pump is the ideal way of dealing with all flood eventualities. The heavy-duty construction and robust carry frame of the machine combined with an environmentally friendly engine that performs efficiently on unleaded fuel.

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   Model NO.  NTWP20-A
   Commodity name   2" Gasoline Water Pump
   Engine type   168FA single cylinder, air-cooling engine
   Motor type (2/4stroke/gasoline/diesel)   4 Stroke / Gasoline
   Displacement (cc)   196cc
   Power (kW/hp)   3.8kW/5.1hp
   Engine (rpm)   3600rpm
   Oil engine capacity (L)   0.6L
   Tank capacity (L)   3.6L
   Max height (m)   30m
   Max flow (m³/h)(gal./min.)   30m³/h (132 gal./min.)
   Total suction lift up to (m)   36m
   Max liquid temperature (°C)   40°C
   Pump body (aluminum/plastic/steel/castiron)   Aluminum
   Input connector size (1", 1/4"…)   2"
   Ouput connector size   2"
   Dry weight   25kg (55 lbs.)
   Gross weight   27kg (59 lbs.)


1.Four-stroke engine using high-end configuration greatly improve the life and ensure efficient combustion, burning the economy is good, the noise and vibration of small, light weight, small size.

2.High quality cylinder block, 20CrMo material imports needle bearing crankshaft, greatly improving machine life.

3.body, cast iron impeller, a turbine, which greatly improves the durability of the pump.

4.Adoption of international standards PF thread, versatility, you can configure different types of pipes.

5.Flow, head high, stable performance, beautiful appearance, wide application, easy maintenance.

Widely used in agricultural irrigation and garden irrigation plants;

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